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Barbara chose a remedy for me that was pivotal in helping me overcome years of depression. I had taken at least a dozen different pharmaceuticals in attempts to find relief; to no avail. Within days of taking my remedy I experienced a fundamental internal shift that encouraged my journey toward empowerment, true mental health and a renewed sense of spirituality and wholeness. I highly recommend Barbara! – Net.S.


I was unaware at first what to expect.  With all the information I shared about my life during our first consultation, so much had surfaced that I couldn’t imagine how she would approach the treatment of all of it.  I couldn’t imagine what would be impacted and in what way.  Well, the results of my remedy were beyond what I had imagined. What I found was that instead of individual complaints being addressed, my overall being calmed down and stabilized.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  The stabilization impacted almost every part of my life, so the result was a systematic calming and reorienting of most of the problems I had been dealing with.  This has made the ups and downs of my frenetic daily routine become manageable and my life more even keeled.  It truly made a difference in my life.   --  Bruce R.


I am someone who has always been trying to conquer the battle of the bulge.  Every weight loss gimmick, product, etc. out there I have attempted, but to no avail.  When Barbara mentioned to me the possibility of finding a homeopathic solution that could assist me with my struggle, I was excited and eager to learn what this was all about.  After a couple of very extensive consultations she presented a remedy that helped me to become “unstuck.”  I immediately noticed myself having more energy, I became more focused on my goals and each day noticed my whole mindset to be much more positive than it had been in quite some time. To date I have lost 65 pounds.  I exercise 3 mornings a week, and best of all, I feel healthy.  I credit homeopathy for the new me that is slowly emerging.  --  Cindy K.

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